Saving Money At City Hall

Zach Jeffries has concrete ideas about how to save money at City Hall and keep more money in your pocket.  In the last four years he has voted against unnecessary things like rebuilding the old steel Traffic Bridge.  If re-elected, Zach will:

  • Vote against moving the city equipment yards for almost $100 million. This is not a priority project for our city.
  • Push for a Cut Red Tape program at City Hall modeled after an initiative in Calgary to save you time and money
  • Ensure proper regular maintenance is done on our roads and streets.  It costs less to maintain now than to fix later
  • Stand up against spending huge dollars on an unneeded replacement for SaskTel Centre

Zach is a strong voice for Ward 10 who will continue to focus on traffic, roads, and real community needs.

Getting Traffic Moving

As our city grows, we need to focus on keeping traffic moving in Saskatoon.  Since the last election, Zach Jeffries has:

  • Fought for a new North Bridge which is under construction, on time, and on budget
  • Pushed for a McOrmond Drive/College Drive overpass to improve safety and traffic flow. This project will start construction in early 2017
  • Voted in favour of a new city growth plan which will prevent urban planning mistakes of the past

If re-elected, Zach will:

  • Advocate for the use of technology that will get our traffic lights properly timed, similar to what Edmonton is using
  • Push for new city policies to ensure road work happens on weekends and at night on our busiest streets

Zach is a strong and experienced voice for getting traffic moving in Saskatoon.

Building New Recreation Facilities

Saskatoon's recreation facilities need to keep up with our growing city.  Through his work in getting the new North Bridge project started, Zach Jeffries has proven that he has the experience and knowledge to get important projects moving. If re-elected, Zach will:

  • Push for new leisure and rink facilities for Northeast Saskatoon
  • Work to collaborate on a new facility with private and non-profit organizations to keep construction and operating costs down
  • Fight for Saskatoon's share of federal funding for new recreation facilities
  • Vote in favour of implementing Saskatoon's recreation master plan

Zach is a strong voice and has concrete ideas for building recreation facilities in Northeast Saskatoon