Saving Money At City Hall

Zach Jeffries has concrete ideas about how to save money at City Hall and keep more money in your pocket.  Zach has voted against funding the rebuilding of the Traffic Bridge downtown and voted to shrink the budget for new central library.  If re-elected, Zach will:

  • Push for new Cut Red Tape programs at City Hall. Progress has been made but there is more to do
  • Ensure that we do not raise taxes to fix the deficit caused by the pandemic. Cutting discretionary spending and a new hiring freeze make more sense than tax increases
  • Work towards programs to avoid spending tens of millions of dollars on a new landfill

Zach is a strong voice for Ward 10 who will continue to focus on traffic, roads, and real community needs.

Getting Traffic Moving

As our city grows, we need to focus on keeping traffic moving in Saskatoon.  Since the last election, Zach Jeffries has:

  • Fought for a new North Bridge which opened on time and on budget
  • Pushed for a McOrmond Drive/College Drive which was finished under budget. He also fought to ensure that there was proper exit lane instead of extra traffic lights like the overpasses near Stonebridge.
  • Voted in favour of a new city growth plan which will prevent urban planning mistakes of the past
  • Voted in favour of common sense speed limits on College Drive and on the new north bridge roadways

If re-elected, Zach will:

  • Advocate for more use of technology that will get our traffic lights properly timed. We have gone from just 25% of our traffic lights with new technology four years ago to over 60% by the end of 2020
  • Ensure that we don’t go ahead with suggested plans to just keep traffic lights at intersections like Idylwyld Dr and Marquis Dr. Busy intersections on freeways need overpasses

Zach is a strong and experienced voice for getting traffic moving in Saskatoon.

Building New Recreation Facilities

Saskatoon's recreation facilities need to keep up with our growing city.  Through his work in getting the new North Bridge project completed, Zach Jeffries has proven that he has the experience and knowledge to get important projects moving. If re-elected, Zach will:

  • Keep pushing for new leisure facilities on the east side. The process to get a leisure centre built is now underway and public consultation starts in 2021.
  • Work to collaborate on a new facility with private and non-profit organizations to keep construction and operating costs down. Zach voted in favour of this in 2020.
  • Fight for Saskatoon's share of federal funding for new recreation facilities
  • Vote in favour of implementing Saskatoon's recreation master plan which includes projects like tennis courts upgraded recreation trails

Zach is a strong voice and has concrete ideas for building recreation facilities in Northeast Saskatoon